V5.2 的进展

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  1. User List view Navigation
    2.Calendar Import Export
    3.Installation Wizard rewrite:
    4.i18n support added
    [color=DarkOrange](I18N 是internationalization 的缩写形式,意即在i 和n 之间有18 个字母,本意是指软件的“国际化”;)[/color]

5.Actions broken down into functions
6.Pre-Migration Tools appear only if there are MyISAM tables or the new database name is same as the old database name for migration
7.Stronger support added for the migration of Vtlib modules
8.mysqli and mysqlt database types supported for Mysql dbtype
9.Min version and Max version information storage and retrieval support added for Vtlib modules
10.Reports Enhancement- Added Line Item Support: Feature to show the line item details for inventory module like SO,PO, Quote and Invoice in reports.
11. Delete option for User Image

[color=DarkOrange]Pending Features[/color]
1.SMS Module
2.Prototype library Update
3.UItype 10 onchange client-side hook
4.Project Management
5.Module Preferences

[color=DarkSlateGray]5.2 Bugs Fixed [/color]
1.Modified by information is not updated for a record, on delete or restore.
2.The shipping and Handling Taxes are not getting added for the recurring Invoice.
3.Wrong discount calculation observed for quotes,invoices,sales order and purchase orders.
4.Closing an event of New type is not coming in the Activity History.
5.Invoice getting created without having any value in the Total field.
6.User having admin privileges can not able to delete empty folder in document
7.In custom modules and Services, Service Contracts listview; the Order By of fields resets after each view.
8.License and EOL cleanup
9.Service Contracts changes (Changed datatype for start_date and end_date to DATE from VARCHAR)

10.Vtlib changes
1.Support for adding List view buttons using Vtlib addLink api.
2.Support for adding blocks on the right side of the Detail View of a record, using Vtlib addLink api.
3.Added fix to export module max version information when a module is exported.
4.Added hooks at missing places for Detail View action links.

11.Condition “Until the first time the condition is true” is not working in workflow (It is evaluating to true only once for a module instead of a record)
12.EOL cleanup
13.Import creates duplicates with overwrite option
14.Disabled module “leads” causing javascript error in related list of module “campaigns”
15.Fix for alphabetical search in Products module
16.Added recurring icon for Activities in day calendar view
17.Assigned to needed in the pop up windows while selecting Accounts & Contacts
18.In field formulas the description is hardcoded: Removed the duplicate entry for the FieldFormula? module and description across Field Formulas module and Settings module.
19.Following i18n issues fixed:
20.i18n issues fixed with Block name in Create and Edit view of Sales module.
21.Removed Language variable duplicated in modules/com_vtiger_workflow/language
22.i18n error, Actions do not show up in documents detail view.