Settings of VSCode

As a frequent user of Visual Studio Code, I have come to rely heavily on its many features and settings to make my coding experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible. One of my favorite features has always been the “Data Science” category under the Python settings, which allows me to easily send code selections to the interactive Python window for immediate execution and testing.

However, with the recent update to VSCode, I noticed that the “Data Science” category had disappeared from my settings menu, and with it, the option to send my code selections to the interactive window. I was frustrated and puzzled, wondering how I could get this useful feature back.

After doing some research, I discovered that the new version of VSCode had introduced some changes to its extension system that affected the way the Data Science category was displayed in the settings menu. Specifically, the extension that provided the Data Science category had been deprecated and replaced by a new extension called “Python Interactive.”

To enable the “Send Selection to Interactive Window” feature once again, I had to install the “Python Interactive” extension and configure its settings. In the VSCode extensions menu, I searched for “Python Interactive” and installed the latest version. Once the installation was complete, I opened my VSCode settings and searched for “Python Interactive” to access its settings.

Under the Python Interactive settings, I found the option to turn on “Send Selection to Interactive Window,” which I promptly enabled. I was pleased to see that the feature was once again available to me, and that I could continue to use it in my Python workflow as before.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing the same issue with the Data Science category disappearing from your VSCode settings, don’t worry - the solution is simple. Install the “Python Interactive” extension and configure its settings to enable the “Send Selection to Interactive Window” feature, and you’ll be back to coding and testing in no time!

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