Moodle 能够官方支持 MariaDB

从 Moodle 的安装需求中获得下面的信息。

MariaDB 能够被 Moodle 官方进行支持。

[url]Moodle 2.5 release notes - MoodleDocs
These are just minimums. We recommend keeping all your software updated.

Recommended minimum browser: Google Chrome 11, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle)
Moodle upgrade: Moodle 2.2 or later (if upgrading from earlier versions, you must upgrade to 2.2.9 as a first step)
Minimum DB versions: PostgreSQL 8.3, MySQL 5.1.33, MariaDB 5.2, MSSQL 2005 or Oracle 10.2 (oci_native_moodle_package.sql needs to be executed before upgrade on Oracle servers)
Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.3.3
New PHP extension requirements: GD[/code]